NEW All Ages Produce Passport now Available with Stickers - Only $5.95!


Kids love to collect stickers and the Produce Passport has been putting this characteristic to good use for over 10 years. The new Produce Passport brings information related to 26 different fruits and vegetables together in one fun and easy to read sticker book. The idea is still as fun as it is simple; buy the fruit, take the sticker off, eat the fruit and then stick that sticker in the Produce Passport until all the pages are full.

But what if a fruit or vegetable doesn’t have a sticker? Just because a fruit or vegetable doesn’t come with a sticker of its own doesn’t mean it should be left out of the fun of being in the Produce Passport. That is why we have created a new way to complete the Produce Passport. You can now purchase your Produce Passport complete with a sheet of the stickers required to fill your Produce Passport. You still have to buy the fruits & vegetables and the children still have to eat them, the only difference is now you won’t have to ever worry again about missing or damaged stickers.


 Depending upon order quantities, discounts of up to 47% are available for schools, health services and businesses!