Produce Passport - A Message from our President 

Welcome, Bienvenidos, and Bienvenue to the Produce Passport. 

Over the past few years you couldn’t turn on the news or pick up a newspaper with out hearing or reading something about child obesity. Even though we were all well aware of the problem, it seemed to be getting worse instead of better. The children who are overweight or have unhealthy eating habits are at greater risk of developing many forms of terrible diseases later in life, including Diabetes. Not to mention the pain and loss of self esteem that obesity causes them now. I decided that I would to do something about it.

I wanted to come up with a way to get all kids eating healthier, not in the traditional "brow beating" way, but in a fun and interactive way that the kids would want to do themselves and collecting stickers seemed the logical answer. 

Kids love to collect stickers, so why not the colorful and diverse stickers found on so many of the fruits and vegetables we buy. Also with this concept parents and/or teachers would not have the extra expense of buying stickers for the Produce Passport because they were already on the fruits and vegetables. I also wanted it to be informative so I chose a “Countries of World” format; it was a perfect fit with the produce, flags and history. 

I hope the Produce Passport can help make a difference in your child’s life. Children are our future and it is our responsibility to ensure they grow up healthy and strong. 

Robert Zyluk
(Creator of the Produce Passport and President of Innovative Promotions)