Message to Teachers and Health Professionals

The Produce Passport brings the three most important players in a child’s health together, Parents, Teachers and the children themselves. The Parents make sure that healthy fruits and vegetables are available. The Teachers utilize the Produce Passports within their classrooms and monitor the student’s progress. Most importantly, the children themselves are the ones who drive this program with their zeal to eat the fruits and vegetables required in order to collect the stickers to fill their Produce Passports.

There are many different ways to incorporate the Produce Passports into any School or classroom. The Produce Passports can be used as a stand-alone health program or can be integrated into any existing health program or initiative. The Produce Passports are also designed to fit seamlessly into almost any curriculum or subject. Teachers have used the Produce Passports to help teach their students learn about geography, health, history and yes, even math! Teachers typically monitor their students’ progress with the Produce Passports on a daily or weekly basis by asking students how many stickers they collected since that last time they checked and if they tried any new fruits or vegetables. This then opens up a dialogue that can easily segue in any direction a teacher wants to go.

The Produce Passports enable Health Services and Teachers to have an immediate positive effect on the health of their students. The Produce Passport’s encouragement to eat more fruits and vegetables not only impacts on the child’s present diet, but if they can discover new fruits and vegetables that they would not have normally tried, they gain another healthy dietary option for the rest of their lives.

Here are just a few of the comments we have received from Parents, Teachers and the kids themselves:

“After great success with the program in the fall we plan to expand the program to other schools in our area. The feedback that we received was that the passport was very motivating for children to consume more fruits and vegetables”
– Sandra R., Regional Dietician, Alberta

“The students were excited to collect the stickers while being enticed try to different types of fruits and vegetables (on their own terms)”.
– Erin P., 4th Grade Teacher, Boise

“My kids stayed focused on completing the Produce Passports; they really captured their interest and kept it”
– Janet S., 5th Grade Teacher, Dallas

“My favorite part is that she has discovered that peppers and tomatoes are not as awful as she thought they would be…and she was the one who asked me to get them for her to try!”
– Lori S., Mother, San Jose

“The day our girls brought their Produce Passports home, they couldn’t wait to get started. They made eating more fruits and vegetables fun for them and we loved it!
– Kate B., Mother, Minneapolis

“Our daughter Avery and my wife Kathy became fruit freaks overnight. No kidding, its magic”
– Greg D., Father, Winnipeg

“I love the Produce Passport book because you get to try new fruit, and maybe a fruit that you did not ever try!”
– Korie L., Age 6, New Jersey

“The informational bits inside the Produce Passports were also nice…we ate and we learned at the same time”
– Theresa A., Age 8, Regina


We have special pricing available for Schools and Health Services. We can also show you how you can partner with local businesses in your area to have the entire costs of the Produce Passports sponsored. Please free to contact us at any of the numbers listed below and start your kids on the road to a lifetime of better health today!