Stickers For Download

You now have the option to buy a complete set of the stickers required to fill the Produce Passport. This set includes Wild Cards which are to be used when a child eats a fruit or vegetable not found in the Produce Passport. They can either place the Wild Card sticker on any other fruit or vegetable space or they can adhere it to the blank back cover.

If you do not wish to add the complete sticker set to your order you can also complete your Produce Passport the original way. Most of the fruit and vegetables you buy will have stickers on them already, but for the ones that don’t you can download and printout the Produce Passport Replacement Stickers yourself. You can print them out on a predesigned sticker template or on plain white paper stock. There are 2 choices:

Plain Paper Stock 

Just click on the Stickers button and print. This option gives you 108 stickers that you can use along with the stickers already found on the fruits and vegetables you buy. Your child will have fun cutting out and pasting the new stickers in their Produce Passports.


If you don’t want to print out the sticker page another option is simply having a parent, guardian or teacher initial, colour in or place a gold star in the appropriate sticker spot in the Produce Passport. This ensures that the occasional missing sticker won’t affect the child’s progress.