Get The Most From The Produce Passport


GREAT STARTS = GREAT FINISHES – Once your child has the Produce Passport take the time to go through it with them. Talk with them about fruits and vegetables that they have eaten before and about the ones they have never tried.

CREATE INCENTIVES – Q: How do you eat an elephant? A: One bite at a time. Set goals for your child to achieve, they will respond better to many smaller goals than to one long term one. For example if they get 20 stickers in their Produce Passport they might get a treat or a movie/game rental or a fun family activity as a reward.

MONITOR PROGRESS – Set a designated time aside for you and your child to go through the Produce Passport to check their progress. Decide with your child what fruits you will try to target over the next week and get them to commit to adding those stickers.

ENCOURAGEMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT – We all respond well to praise, your child is no different. A pat on the back or a kind word of encouragement will go along way towards keeping your child motivated to complete their Produce Passport. You can encourage them to try new fruits and vegetables without ever mentioning the words health or nutrition.

Make progress in the Produce Passport a source of pride for your child and just another way for them to make you proud. Good luck and good health!


- Robert Zyluk

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